inspection services

Inspection, Installation & Management Services for the Oil & Gas Industry

Serving North America for over 2 decades.

additional services

Coast to Coast provides Pipeline Integrity Services and delivers integrity inspection solutions for the transportation & distribution pipeline operators of North America.

Environmental Inspectors
Chief Inspectors
Project Management
Leak Detection
AWS/CWI - Certified Welding Inspectors
Holiday Detection
ILI Pig Tracking
Anode Installation
Groundbed Installation
Pipeline Flyover Drone Services
AWS/CWI - Certified Welding Inspectors
Visual Pipeline ROW Mapping
Utility & Level 3 Inspectors
Full-Service Terminal Inspection
API 1169, API 654, API 570
Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)
Rectifier Troubleshooting
NDT Classroom Training & Certification

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