ECDA & ICDA Programs

Coast to Coast is the expert in external and internal corrosion assessments.


External Corrosion Direct Assessments are performed to validate indirect assessments and surveys. Coast performs direct assessments of external corrosion utilizing laser scan or mechanical pit gauges. The data recorded is then used to calculate failure pressures and future corrosion growth. This information is very useful to determine the extent of corrosion damage within other segments that have not been assessed. Other information gathered could be soils analyticals and cathodic protection system performance.

icda programs

Internal Corrosion Direct Assessments are performed within areas susceptible to internal corrosion such as drips and crossovers within natural gas lines normally transporting dry gas that could have upsets of liquid. Coast to Coast provides guided wave and automated ultrasonic inspection to directly assess internal corrosion. In conjunction with direct assessment, other tests look for the presence of microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC) or other corrosion environments.

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